Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Call for Volunteers - Key Positions Needed

The DHS Band Parent Association relies solely on parent volunteers to do the work that ensures that all of our children have a positive band experience.  Currently, we have a small group of 10-15 parents that routinely do much of the work for over 100 marching and concert band students.  For the continuity of our program moving forward, we need more parents to step up and help.

Here’s a list of only some of the jobs performed by this committed group for our program to be successful:

  • Attend all home football games, working in the concession stand. This includes sales, food prep and cleanup after the game.
  • Order food and supplies each week for the concession stand based on sales and attendance from last year and previous games sales
  • Pick up and deliver food and supplies from vendors the week of the game
  • Arrive the afternoon of each home game to prepare food for sale
  • Inventory after each game
  • Negotiate discounts and donations with local businesses for food and supplies for concession stand

Communications Committee: PR, Volunteer Sign-up, and Website/Eblast)

  • Post band events and pin important items to the top of the page
  • Promote and recognize our sponsors on social media
  • Scan City of Decatur posts and repost articles pertaining to the band or music education in Decatur
  • Post photos/videos of performances including marching band competitions and LGPE
  • Post sponsor-related info on the Decatur Business and neighborhood pages
VolunteerSpot Coordinator
  • Work with Event Chairs and Mr. Truan to create VolunteerSpots to organize volunteers
  • Monitor sign-ups to make sure families are signing up
  • Work with other members of Communications Committee to solicit volunteers, if needed
  • Maintain and update our Google Blogger website
  • Work with Mr. Tuan to keep the Google website calendar updated
  • Send Constant Contact eblasts

  • Fits students at beginning of each season, making any sewing alterations as needed
  • Orders new uniforms as needed
  • Coordinates end of season cleaning for all uniforms
  • Attends all games and competitions to assist with uniforms

  • Creates and coordinates list of prospect sponsors, recruits new sponsors
  • Manages relationships with current sponsors
  • Coordinates all band sponsorship programs including individual memberships
  • Our two person fundraising team raised 30k this year for the band program (both marching and concert combined)!!!

We need more band parents to help.  

Currently, we have the following positions open for the 2017-18 academic year:

  • Band Camp (2 chair people needed)
  • Pit Crew Coordinator
  • Fruit Sales Coordinator

Please consider volunteering to help our organization.  We need many people to help do this work to ensure a successful experience for all band students.

Please contact Miguel Alandete (miguel.alandete@wellsfargo.com)  or Diane Capriola (dmcapriola@gmail.com)  for further information about these positions. Or visit the "Band Parents Association" tab of this website.

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